Foreign media said that the U.S. military simulated a limited nuclear strike against Russia during a military exercise, and the Russian government condemned and issued a warning to the United States.

According to the Iranian News TV website reported on February 22, the US military launched a “mini-exercise” in the presence of Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, during which the US military launched a simulated nuclear strike against Russia.

It was reported that a senior Pentagon official, who declined to be named, said at a briefing on the 21st that the exercise was held recently by the US Strategic Command in Nebraska. Esper watched the simulated Russia Showdown with NATO in Europe.

The official told reporters: “We launched a mini-exercise. Imagine a sudden situation in Europe where you are at war with Russia and Russia has decided to use low-equivalent limited nuclear weapons against targets on NATO territory. The Secretary of Defense consults with the President before finally deciding what to do. ”

Earlier this month, the United States announced the deployment of new long-range nuclear missiles on stealth submarines to deter its alleged potential U.S. adversaries.

The US Department of Defense said in a statement that the US Navy’s “Tennessee” nuclear submarine patrolling the Atlantic Ocean deployed this low-yield warhead to deter “potential adversaries like Russia”, which is also a response to Russia’s test of similar weapons .

The report believes that the new missiles have raised new concerns. Critics say that submarine-launched ballistic missile warheads will lower the barrier to use of nuclear weapons.

In August 2019, the United States withdrew from the Medium Range Missile Treaty, which entered into force with the Soviet Union in 1988. The agreement bans all land-based medium-range missiles. Washington’s withdrawal from the China-Guide Treaty has renewed tension between the two nuclear powers.

The report commented that the United States has been deploying missiles near the border between Eastern Europe and Russia’s west. The Russian government condemns such provocations and has vowed to respond by deploying its own missiles, which can hit all regions of Europe.

According to a report from TASS on February 22, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov told TASS on the 22nd that Russia condemns the United States’ study of a limited nuclear strike against Russian territory.

Commenting on the U.S. counterattack exercise against Russia with nuclear weapons, Ryabkov said: “The United States continues to exercise limited-use nuclear weapons programs in the form of Headquarters Command exercises and other exercises. (We) have learned recently that this includes targeting Russia. Domestic targets. Russia has condemned this behavior. First of all, this clearly shows that Washington has a willingness to take the path of confrontation and continue to lower the threshold for the use of nuclear weapons. ”

The Russian Deputy Foreign Minister also said, “The United States has not focused on working to strengthen the arms control system containing missile nuclear weapons, but has started an extremely dangerous game. Russia has repeatedly stressed that it is only possible to use nuclear weapons in two situations: Russia is subject to the use of any Attacks of types of weapons of mass destruction or aggression using conventional weapons and threatening the survival of the country. ”

Ryabkov emphasized: “We once again draw the attention of our colleagues in the United States to the need to explain everything clearly in the United States’ own military plan. First of all, Russia must reiterate a well-known position that existed as early as the Soviet era: in nuclear war There can be no winner, and never start a nuclear war. ”

According to the “Russian News” website reported on February 22, the United States held military exercises, simulated exercises after the use of small-scale nuclear weapons by Russia against NATO countries, the US military carried out a nuclear strike against Russia.

The report believes that one of the purposes of the U.S. military exercise is to terrorize Russia again with the “peace-loving” often used by the United States, and to describe the exercise and deployment of new weapons and troops as a “response”.

The report said that the US move has multiple purposes. First of all, it is necessary to maintain the long-term high fear of Russia. If a nuclear “revenge” exercise is carried out on the enemy’s offensive, it is a hint to the people that the enemy’s offensive is entirely possible. Therefore, it is not necessary to negotiate and sign an arms control treaty, but to arm it.

The report commented that, secondly, the United States needs to appease some NATO countries. The recent feeling of these countries is that if they provoke conflict with Russia, no one will shelter them. And individual countries have no other “foreign policy” in the past 40 years. Is it necessary to give up “hatred of Russia” and deal with Russia like any other country? impossible. That way people will immediately believe that there is no Russian threat. The cause and fate of many politicians and parties will collapse.

Finally, preparations are needed for the deployment of new nuclear weapons in Europe. So that people are not only as scared of deploying nuclear weapons as they were in the late 1970s, they have to ask the “big brother” for deployment themselves. Therefore, the American simulation exercise is worthy of multiple purposes.

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