Hello I’m dan this is how I was sentenced 30 years in jail on how I protected my wife who killed my mum in court recently I was at home and my wife came to me and she argued about my mum complaining of her not giving her grandchildren and this moreover this is just a fun little family issue which it is meant to be settled.

when I was out for work although my mum came to Lagos to live with me for a couple of months and I married my wife as as a full house wife while me the husband I do the all the works i was paid well in my place of work, fine this is how the story went, I received that was yesterday I received a message that my mum was being rushed to the States hospital which I was very very annoyed I’m thinking what could have happened.

r in a nutshell when I got there I was informed my mum is dead. Very painful and so sad actually I don’t know how come, my wife narrated the story to me saying they were arguing about some little stuff and she pushed her I mean she pushed my mum and she fell down.

Immediately I called the policeman to arrest my wife without saying any word to the DPO which I informed. when I got to the police station and the inspector James asked me how it happened meanwhile my wife already narrated the story to inspector james saying My husband killed His mum himself and what really shocked in the stories was that when I got to the police station inspector asked me the same question and I said it clearly I killed my mum and this is how I landed my self 30 years in prison for killing my own mum

Please What Can I Say Really Happened To Me ??

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