When I joined university, I must admit I was as naïve about love matters as I was on how beastly men can be. By the time I started the second semester, I think I had outgrown the timid mummy’s-girl in me. It took me just two weeks to get hooked to Derrick who was a year ahead of me.

He was the epitome of a full-man, one that any woman would spill blood to win over. At times, my friends and I would sit down and wonder what on earth he lacked.

He came from an affluent family. He drove sleek cars as and when he desired. I had a thing for his angelic smile, planted on a chocolate-brown cute face and above all, he showered me with enviable love and care.

I went to places that had been mere fantasies and during all this time, I was overwhelmed with thoughts of marrying Derrick. Not even the rumours of him flirting with all the cute girls at school could move my determined love for him by an inch. This was a heaven sent angel! I saw no wrong in him and wondered why the “no man is perfect” philosophy was even ever crafted.

But alas! Fate was slowly but surely preparing me to learn a lesson the hard way.

As the semester progressed, I became too busy with exams and invited my little, pretty sister in her senior six vacation to give me company and help me with a few things in my hostel room. Derrick had unlimited access to the room and would at times sleep over for even a week.

One day, I left my room for a discussion with course-mates. I left Cissy, my sister and Derrick watching some Nigerian movies. It had never crossed my mind that anything silly or fishy could ever happen between the two. I trusted Cissy and even trusted the love Derrick and I had for each other the more. But if only I had known that you never even trust your own shadow, I would have been saved the heartbreak I am finding too hard to cope up with two years down the road.

As our discussion heated up with arguments, I was asked by the group leader to kindly run to the hostel room and bring some reference material to cool tempers over an argument that was on the border of turning into a fistfight. I obliged without demur.

Moving as fast as I could, with all my attention on the discussion, I dashed to my room and flung open the door. The scene that awaited me on my own bed left a scar in my heart and a cancerous sore in my brain. I still cannot figure out why and how ruthless Derrick and Cissy could get. On my own bed? My own sister? Surely, the gods must be crazy.

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