It’s no longer a news that our able President of this nation in his Excellency, President Mohammadu Buhari addressed all the Nigerian citizens on a live broadcast yesterday. The broadcast which base on how he has commended everyone in the country and as well as the well dignity people in the government arms admist of this period where the world is facing its own difficulty. He laid emphasis on the challenges of the country’s economy, in farming and agriculture and he says he wants everyone to join hands together with the government to make sure we passed through this season safely.

He extended his gratitude to all the people who have been working so hard to make sure our country remain safe and sound unlike the Europeans, Asians and other parts of the world. Also, he commended the individual who has been making one or two donations to the country treasure and finally made promise to be in full support of this country at all time. He said, Nigerians should stay safe and maintain the order from World Health Organisation admist COVID-19. That’s little amongst many of his broadcast yesterday but, social media can’t do without giving us some shocker at some point as Nigerians dug out what our president wore while broadcasting live yesterday on his feets to be pam slippers as he stands. Different characters has been emerged on the comment by different people on the cards as many were making fun of it, so also, many were also taking the issue so serious in supporting and defending the Mr. President. Here are the screenshots you can take a look at below.

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