Okay you have invited her for the first date and you are busy getting ready and making preparations, you have also play out different questions that you are going to ask her, that is not bad but you have to calm down. It is a good thing to ask a lady you like questions but there are some questions that you should never asked no matter what

A very weak question. Sure there may be a right time that asking her is cute and some women might appreciate it but believe me, you should know when it’s the right time to kiss her. Besides, asking could ruin the moment and imagine the rejection… hearing no or her pulling away.

2. Can i call you All weak questions must be replaced by strong confident action. Asking a girl if you can call her only suggests you don’t think you can. Why ask for permission, if you are given her information or have a way to contact her, and it came from her, don’t ask, just do it. Call her already. Women are tired and frustrated dealing with men who make them wait beyond a reasonable time to call them. They only see it as some game you’re trying to play.

3. How come you’re still single? This question ruins the mood in seconds especially when asked on a first date, if you want a second or third date, asking her why she’s still single is not a good thing idea For her to answer or dodge around the stupid question or reveal to you her inner most thoughts only makes her want to crawl away and hide from you.

4. Do you want to come back to my place? Some guys think this is okay especially when things are going good and it feels like there’s a good chance she will have it with them but It is wrong especially on a first date If you really love her and you want her for a girlfriend it is better not to ask.. Trust me if she want you she will be the one to ask you. Even if you want to ask don’t do it on a first date and don’t asked in with that word, you can say “I have a very interesting movie that i want to look at tonight, would you mind joining me?” Or “I have a nice collection of photos at home, do you want to take a look at them” That way you will be asking her in an indirect way

5. How many guys have you slept with? Trust me most ladies will not give you the actual answer to this question so why ask Asking this question also mean that you will have to answer how many women you have slept with too. If your number is high or low, either way, she’ll assume you’re not giving her the real answer

. 6. Do you like me? Sure this one might be reserves for kids in school but don’t count on it. I’ve known several guys who did it later in life and it is never an ideal question to ask especially on a first date. Instead of asking her if she likes you just tell her that you like her and wait for a reply

7. How old are you Unfortunately most guys asked this question on a first date, especially guys that are very nervous and don’t know what to ask but trust me no matter how nervous you are never asked a lady this question on your first date because it will ruin the moment. All you have to do is wait and her age will be reveal to you in due time.

8. Can i introduce you to my friends Bravo to you man for trying to tell her that you are ready to commit but believe me a smart lady will see right through you and know that you are trying to use that commitment thing to lure her into your bed. Okay let’s say that you weren’t actually trying to do that but if you are in her shoes and a guy asked you that question on a first date, what will be the first thing that will pop up in your mind? There you get it

9. Are you going to eat all of that What! How can you even ask her that question on a first date. Okay i know that you think she might be ordering too much but you just have to bear it especially if you really like her and want to have a relationship with her. If you don’t have enough cash to pay for the food you can just tell her that. “I am a little bit tight on budget right now, do you think you can cut down on your orders” That way you are not telling her that she is eating too much

10. Are you in a relationship Okay i know that you like her and you are eager to know if she is in a relationship so as to know if you have a chance with her but trust me it is not ideal to ask on a first date, you don’t know what happened to her in her previous relationship or it could be that she is in a relationship that she is trying hard to get out of, asking her that question will remind her of what she is trying to forget and that might ruin the moment, it might even destroy any chance you think you have with her just give it time and everything will fall into place

. 11. How much money do you make On a first date, your respective careers are normal fodder for conversation. But asking a lady to reveal her salary to yoy especially on a first date will likely be perceived as intrusive. While it’s good to be interested in what your date does for a living, don’t show interest in money Even if you’re asking purely out of curiosity, seeking out this information will make her doubt your intentions It will makes you look like you are only interested her for what she can do for you. Let’s say you spotted a rather attractive person in several photos on her profile. Is this observation really worth mentioning to her especially when you know that it could make her feel less desirable in comparison. Keep your attention focused on the lovely person sitting across from you instead. Why asked her to go on a date with you if you prefer her friend Thank you for reading If you have any questions don’t forget to asked using the comment section and we will be happy to reply. Don’t forget to like, share and comment Dont forget to follow Dannyreport for more relationship tips

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