Popular Nigerian Instagram twerker, Shallymhiz has decided to cause commotion on the road with her twerking after fetching a bucket of water In the video, she went to fetch a bucket of water and on her way back she decided to display her twerking skills, resulting to stirring and confusion from passerby. She wrote:
PS: I twerk it down wherever I find myself don’t even know why somebody will be walking and not face front”

Her post has attract more follower on IG, she has been the talk of the town. Does it seem she was the best in twin with how she pull the crowd looking at her ? Slayqueen are not concern at what people feel, they satisfy themselves and the rest z up to you. Slay queen stir commotion and Confusion as passerby and other side vehicle driver stopped and take a glnace at what she was twerking. See photos

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